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Malware infections, installation problems, software integration, remote connections, and data recovery are all issues that organizations or companies may encounter through the normal course of business. 

What is "Malware"?  Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Redirectors and many other items fall into this category.  Better.Business.Solutions will clean your system and recommend products and procedures to prevent reinfection.

What problems can occur with installations?  In a perfect world, all software would install seemlessly onto your computer.  Unfortunately, in reality, some programs can cause problems with the installation of other programs.  Some setup routines are complicated and problematic for the normal user.  Better.Business.Solutions will help you install software or recover from a failed installation. 

What do you mean by "Software Integration?"  In some cases, a user may want different pieces of software to do more than just run on the same box.  For example, a timeclock software should send employee weekly hours to an accounting package.  Better.Business.Solutions can assist you in choosing software that works together and configuring the software on the computer.

Why would I want remote connections?  With company employees traveling more and more, allowing users to connect to office computers or data from home or a hotel room is becoming more common.  Using VPNs or Remote Desktop software, employees can finish reports, check email, or lookup information from whereever they happen to be located.  Better.Business.Solutions can help you select a type of remote connection that best suits your business' needs.  BBS will also assist with installing the hardware and software necessary to provide these connections and to secure them from those who should not have access.

What types of data recovery are available?  Better.Business.Solutions can setup and recover data from tape backups.  In addition, data lost to hard drive failure or accidental user deletion can sometimes be recovered depending on the cause of the failure and the time and activity that has occurred since the data was lost.

Many of these services are provided through our online HelpDesk.  For those issues that are not covered under our HelpDesk or for those companies who have not enrolled, Better.Business.Solutions works at a time and materials rate.  Please contact us for more information or an estimate.

Software Troubleshooting and Support


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