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Large IT projects often involve multiple companies or organizations.  For example, remodeling an office space for computer usage involves pulling electric (electrician), pulling network cable (electrician, contractor, or computer support), Network cable terminations and connections to existing network (IT Professional), changes to the phone system (phone company or IT professional), physical connection of computers and equipment (customer or IT professional), and the configuration of network settings on each system (IT professional). 

Keeping track of all the different portions of a project and their progress can be overwhelming, especially when one portion must be completed before another can be installed.  Often many of the portions of the project are specialized and hard to verify their completion by someone who is not an IT professional.  Better.Business.Solutions offers project management support to help alleviate this concern.  BBS will communicate directly with the companies and individuals involved to facillitate the smooth completion of the project.  In addition, BBS has the background to verify each portion of the project as it is completed and work quickly to resolve any delays or problems.

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IT Project Management

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