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All electronic equipment will eventually begin to have problems, as components age, dust gathers, or electrical surges occur.  Better.Business.Solutions offers four different types of hardware support.

First, for the average small business who has a system fail, Better.Business.Solutions will work on a time and material rate.  The customer will be billed the full amount of time spent repairing the hardware and the cost of any parts that are needed.  Repair costs can fluctuate widely depending on the type of equipment that failed and the availability of parts.

Second, a company may purchase a yearly support contract from Better.Business.Solutions.  The contract covers the parts and labor necessary to bring the system back to status the systems were in when originally purchased.  Recovery of data is not included under this option, but is billed at a time and material rate.  Purchasing a maintenance contract also guarantees a response by the end of the next business day, regardless of BBS's current schedule.

Third, a company may add 4 business hour phone response to a yearly support contract to guarantee a response within 4 hours during business hours.  This option is important for users who need to know how long their system will be down to continue to operate.

Fourth, a company may add next day repair or substitution to a support contract.  This option guarantees a working system by the end of the next business day.  Companies that have business critical computers, servers, and printers may desire this option.  4 hour phone response is required to purchase this option.

Please contact us for more detailed information concerning our maintenance options or for a price quote.

Hardware Maintenance Options

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