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Organizations and companies often struggle to keep systems operating at peak efficiency.  Confusion on the part of users can lead to long delays or extra hours of work.  Users may begin to feel that computers are more hinderance than help.  Some companies problems take longer to fix as requests must pass through a single administrator before the computer support personnel are called. 

Better.Business.Solutions provides both telephone and Internet HelpDesk for the small to medium size organization. Our HelpDesk allows various individuals within the organization to seek support on standard software packages and predefined specialized software. Support requests may be submitted by phone and email, or entered directly into our online HelpDesk system using a web browser.   The organization may designate authorized contacts or allow all their employees to submit requests.  A maximum amount of HelpDesk time without additional authorization can also be designated.

Upon enrollment in the online HelpDesk, BBS personnel will perform an audit of the computer equipment owned by the company or organization.  With the company or organization's permission, BBS will also install remote connection software.  This software will allow BBS to work with the company or organization's personnel to answer many issues or problems remotely, without the necessity of visiting the site.

In addition, the Online Helpdesk will associate problems with systems and users.  Patterns of failure can be traced through this history, allowing BBS to recommend the replacement of equipment as warranted.  BBS can also recommend and/or provide additional training for users who demonstrate confusion on a piece of software.  Organizations can view updates and progress on long running issues through the online HelpDesk system.

Please contact us for more detailed information concerning our HelpDesk or for current HelpDesk pricing.

Online HelpDesk Services

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