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Better.Business.Solutions provides network design and installation services to businesses within the local area. Network designs include

  • Servers: Peer-to-Peer, Single, Multiple, Cluster, Proxy
  • Server Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/2003 (preferred), Novell 
  • Client Operating Systems: Windows 98 through XP Professional, Windows Vista 
  • Applications: Printer and File Sharing, 
  • Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Mail and Exchange services, etc.
  • Corporate Internet interfacing via proxy, T1, Cable, DSL, Microwave etc.
  • Interfaces to larger enterprise or multiuser systems such as SNA, TCP/IP, etc.

In addition, Better.Business.Solutions provides cable installation / maintenance services to businesses within the local area. Cable installation includes:

  • Punch down termination at 110/66 blocks or 10BaseT patch panels for both phone and data networking
  • Cable pulls to termination point
  • Supply of CAT5e and CAT6 compliant hardware
  • Fiber-Optic backbone solutions  

Please contact us for an estimate or to get started planning your network.

Network Design and Cabling

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