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Better.Business.Solutions provides custom software solutions for large and small businesses and organizations.  We will develop new software that works independently of other software or interface our software with your favorite software package.  We also will modify existing programs, if the source code to the program is available. 

Better.Business.Solutions develops its software primarily under the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft Visual Foxpro programming environments.  These programming tools allow us to provide support for all new versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.  In addition, our business has extensive experience with many older DOS-based programming tools.  We can modify existing DOS programs or update them to Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP.  Our preferred languages to work in are Visual,, and Visual Foxpro, although we will develop in various other languages.

Examples of some of our software development can be found under the section of this site entitled BBS Software.  Each of these full-featured programs was originally a custom software solution.  We have worked with single and multiple computer setups, using both file-sharing and client-server methods.

Custom software by Better.Business.Solutions provides a clear understandable solution that fits your exact needs and desires.  If you are interesting in obtaining more information or talking with a company representative, please feel free to contact us.

Custom Software Development

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