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The purpose of the Better.I.S.Tracker is to allow the information systems staff to effectively organize and log projects that have been requested by users or other staff members. Once a project is initially added, it is carried through the system where dates and comments are recorded, questions are answered; everything needed to know about the project will be recorded here. Each project is assigned a priority. When a projectís priority changes or a new project is added the system will re-prioritize the projects accordingly. 

There are reports that will print the information related to each project. There is also a "Ready to Reload" report which informs the information systems manager which projects have been completed and the modules that are ready to be loaded. Additionally, there are Active and Closed projects reports to allow the information systems manager to keep on top of performance.

Finally, a "time card" system has been developed whereby the programmer can log his time spent for individual projects on a daily basis. A time sheet can then be printed daily or weekly in summary or detail format. There is also the ability to print out time worked for one individual project. 


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