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Better.License.Tracker is designed to track all information about multiple types of licenses.  Currently, the program features dog license information tracking, but more modules will be forthcoming.  The program tracks all information related to the licensee, license, and dog or kennel information.  Reports can be generated to easily determine the total cost of licenses issued, the report necessary to send information to the state of Pennsylvania, and even print the dog licenses themselves.  Better.License.Tracker is a windows-based program and allows multiple screens to be open at one time.  For example, the screen to view an old license can be open at the same time as the screen that is used to issue a new license.  Licenses can be located by licensee, kennel name, date, and license number.  Licenses can be issued to replace lost licenses in a simple process that does not require information to be reentered.  New licenses for an licensee previously in the database automatically fill in the information for the licensee.


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