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All of our software was custom written for a client some where in the past, so you know that there is a end client out there that uses it on a daily basis. Then we brought the software back to our programmers and developed a general version which will work for the majority of clients. The original client knows that the product is being sold to others and often times is willing to beta test our new ideas. Our products provide a solid stable software environment at a reasonable costs.  Try them a see the difference.

Better.Contract.Software generates contracts based on answers to customizable questions.

Better.I.S.Tracker tracks a small to medium information systems departments project and hardware inventory needs.

Better.Library.Software creates and maintains records of books, audio tapes and video tapes.

Better.License.Tracker tracks all information regarding licenses (i.e. dog licenses, hunting licenses, etc.)

Better.Shop.Floor complete shop floor control package, which covers cutting, assembly, and shipping stations.

Better.Utility.Biller generates multi-utility bills for the small municipalities.

One additional piece of software that is listed under "Products and Services for Psychology" is Better.Coding.Approach

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